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My Skin Is…


Sheryl A Richards

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My Skin Is…

This is the sequel to my first publication, My Hair Curls and part of a trilogy of children’s books that focus on identity.


“I often hear adults say that children don’t see colour in the context of making friends. I wish this were true!”


I can recall a number of times during my childhood when I had children say something negative about the colour of my skin. Unfortunately, my own children have had similar experiences.


I know I’m not alone.


My Skin Is… is an excellent resource to assist parents and educators in having healthy conversations about skin colour.


This fully illustrated interactive book encourages children to explore shades of skin in different family dynamics. It offers the opportunity to celebrate diversity and the formation of healthy mindsets.




“Let’s talk about the colour of skin with Angeline and friends Tommy, Charlotte, Lynn, Jake and Parveen. Let’s explore the various things that make them all different and find out what foods each of them finds, “Yummy!”


The official release date is the 30th September. However, it is available on Amazon.


More information coming soon!


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