About Sheryl

“Reading enhances empathy.” Sheryl Richards.

Sheryl Angelene Richards is a published author, social entrepreneur, accomplished musician (vocalist and saxophonist), experienced hairdresser, and educator who was born and raised in Birmingham, England. She is an artistic, well-travelled individual who fondly refers to herself as a ‘creative’, who also finds time to be a wife and mother of two.

With over 20 years of experience, working with children and young people (in both England and America); Sheryl has developed a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the development of emotional intelligence in children.

Sheryl Richards began writing children’s books in 2011.

Sheryl began writing children’s books after having her first child in 2011. She was inspired by thoughts of her childhood; longing for culturally diverse books that represented the multicultural community in which she lived. Hence why she creates books to promote and celebrate diversity. They also allow children to develop their emotional intellect and self-worth.


Sheryl is a strong believer that reading enhances empathy and leads to a greater understanding of people outside of one’s social norm. Books like ‘My Hair Curls’, ‘My Skin is…’ (published) and ‘What Do You See When You Look at Me?’ (in prosses of publication) are books that she has written to support the foundation for future learning.


In 2017, Sheryl embarked on her new chapter and launched out with her social enterprise, ‘Wonderfully Made (GG).’

Building Positive Minds.

Wonderfully Made is a positive personal identity building enterprise that encourages the development of empathy, healthy self-esteem, whilst promoting and celebrating diversity. It supports the foundations for future learning with regards to healthy mindsets, healthy relationships, and psychological resilience. It incorporates all of her endeavours including, ‘My Children’s Books’ and ‘Let’s Sing’.



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