My Hair Curls Works

Angelene expressing love for her hair“My hair curls and I love it!”

Unfortunately, this statement is untrue for a number of individuals with curly hair. The reasons for which are numerous: Some may find it hard to style – likening it onto a ‘cardio workout’ with the tugging and dragging of combs through the dense entanglement of their tight curls. Some may feel the pressure to fit in with the ‘status quo’ having been regularly asked the question, ‘Why don’t you straighten your hair?’ Closely followed by the statement, ‘You would look so nice with your hair straight!’ Some may not like the texture or look of their curls – referring to it as dry, dull, frizzy, nappy, crusty, and so on. Sadly, some people may have been teased or even bullied. For some, it’s the lack of representation of people with curly hair in cartoons, books, popular magazines, etc. Maybe, it’s just not fashionable! The list goes on.

My Hair Curls workshops are promoted and delivered under My Children’s Books umbrella company Wonderfully Made.

The workshops are engaging, informative, practical and for all ages. They encourage participants to develop positive mindsets towards themselves and others whilst obtaining the skills and confidence needed for maintaining healthy natural hair.

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