What’s Going On?

My Why & What Next

“I never planned on becoming an author. Nevertheless, I feel it is something that I have been mandated to do.” Sheryl Richards.

I began writing children’s books after having my first child in 2011.

I had an idea for a book and encouraged a friend to write it, only to realize that the book idea was for me to fulfil.

I eventually published My Hair Curls in 2016. The process opened my eyes to the daunting publishing world. Having journeyed though, you would think that publishing (next time around) would feel easier. I hasten to say, ‘Nope!

I’m still very much new to the publishing world and blindly seeking ways to navigate my way around the seemingly intricacies of its landscape. The joy in knowing, ‘I can, I have and I’m doing!’ empowers me to persist in accomplishing my mandate.

I have faith that it will come to pass!

The project I’m currently working on is so much bigger than me and I am enjoying working with my team to bring it to fruition.

We are working on an ‘Early Years’ positive personal identity building PSHE program. It is designed to encourage the development of empathy, healthy self-esteem whilst promoting and celebrating diversity. Allowing children to explore who they are whilst discovering people outside of their social norm.

I'm excited about what is yet to come...

Watch this space!