Gratitude – Week 6

The Joys of Motherhood…

Most of the early part of this week was spent with me feeling like I was coming down with something. However, me being ‘Superwoman’, stopping is not an option!

My daughter had a viral infection, which meant she was not able to attend school for three days. She spent two of the three days with her aunties and I took the day off on Friday to nurse my baby back to health with some much loved TLC. The moment we lay on the sofa together my body began to submit to the virus that it was fighting all week.

I was officially ill!

I picked up my son from nursery and he was coming down with something too.

This virus had me confined to my bed for 4 days. Within which, my amazing husband step up. He did everything! Including the jobs, I wouldn’t normally ask him to do because ‘I’m Superwoman’ meaning; I often do most things, even when I don’t have too. Like the cooking, cleaning, washing, taking the children to their friend’s parties… I can confidently say he did a good job… I still do it better 😉 lol

Week 6 and I’m grateful for the constant reminder that I married my perfect match and I love him with all my heart.