Gratitude – Week 5


This week I am grateful for open doors…

You know when you’ve had a good week and this week has been one of them. Not because of anything in particular – more so because of my positive outlook.

When you step out of self and start walking in the direction of your calling, you can't help but feel good!

Things with my books are moving nicely. Family life is good. We had a lovely time fellowshipping with friends.

I met up with family and friend for a girly afternoon of ‘Craft and Chat’. lol I haven’t laughed so much in a long time!

I have really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with my instrument (Saxy) in preparation for the ‘Cafemnee Jam’ that took place today.


What is Cafemnee?

Cafemnee (Christian Females Musicians Networking Event) is a network and empowerment organisation for female instrumentalist and singers (Christian Based). They deliver workshops and then we ‘Jam’.

Fast Forward

Today, we meet up, ahead of schedule, to ‘Jam’ for BBC 1 ‘Songs of Praise’. Picture this: A group of women from teenage right the way up to established age + playing saxophones, drums, flute, guitars, double base, keyboards and having fun. It was fantastic.

My ‘Craft and Chat’, wow moment

Can you guess what it is?