Gratitude – Week 4


This week has been challenging. Interestingly, the challenge has not been external…

My biggest struggle is ‘ME’.

After 4 weeks of contemplation, I’ve finally signed the contract to begin the illustration for two book publications with Noushka Galley. I’m both excited and scared. The magnitude of the task in hand is like, ‘whoooooa’. You would think, after publishing one book it would get easier but, NOOOOO!

I have spent too many hours contemplating failure. Now, I choose to focus on success.

I am COMPLETELY dependent on God. ‘My Hair Curls’, was a learning curve and now I needed to, ‘step it up’

Watch this space! I will blog my progress.

On Saturday 28th January, I, Sheryl Richards was blessed to share a stage (playing saxophone) with the amazing percussionist Paul Reid, gifted drummer Jonathan Herbert, ‘crazzzzy’ talented guitarist Reuben Reynolds, and jazzy keys Jeff Russell. This connection was orchestrated by the accomplished composer and bassist Reid Bass for the memorial of the late Ken McFarlane – who will always be remembered as a jolly, humble, phenomenal person and musician.

Immediately after, I raced to play a duet with hubby at a 50th birthday party.

The very next morning, I played with the worship band at church (this is my only regular ‘gig’ lol). Later, I joined the hubby again and we played at the Higher Calling Awards.

What a weekend… What a week!



I’m also grateful for the little moments (too much to mention) that has encouraged me to keep going. To persevere past my own limitations. To focus on the vision. Most importantly to trust God to work things out.

I am truly grateful.