Gratitude – Week 3

This week I’m grateful for family.

I grow up in a 3-bedroom house with my Mum, Dad and 4 siblings (3 brothers and 1 sister). I’m grateful to be able to say, we are close! What’s even more amazing is that, over the years my family has grown to include another sister, husbands, wives, and… we all get along!


“You don’t choose your family, but you do choose to love them.”



So, what makes this week special?
  • My in-laws came for dinner this weekend and THEY COOKED!  
    • They didn’t just cook, they provided all the ingredients too – Thank you 😉
  • I and 19 others went out for my brother’s birthday. We had so much fun and I…  
Baked and decorated the birthday cake.

wow moment 🙂

People know that I bake cakes, but now... I bake and decorate cakes!