My Skin Is…

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September 30th 2022

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Let’s talk about skin…


Revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care

market currently amounts to



It is projected to be worth about 758

billion U.S. dollars by 2025 🤯


There are a number of companies

making money of our skin insecurities.


My latest publication has been designed

to inspire conversations with young

children (0-7 years) that encourage ‘skin



My Skin Is...

Picture Book For Early Readers







My Skin Is…¬†explores different skin

complexions. The Children in the book

describe the colour of their skin and follow

up with the use of positive affirmation.


They liken their skin colour to healthy

foods, embedding the concept of ‘healthy

food – healthy skin!’


The images in the book reflect the

different family dynamic. Which is

another discussion point.


The book concludes with the father’s

taking the children on a picnic

#daddytime ❤️


Not forgetting the activities at the back 🎉


I encourage you to think deeper when

reading My Skin Is… with your child. You

may find that it has a special message for

you too 😉


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