What’s Your Hair Type?

Their hair curls & they like it!

wp_ss_20151031_0009Curly hair is truly diverse and is not limited to one particular ethnicity. Angeline  has many friends, all with different hair textures: Tommy and Parveen have straight hair (type 1), Charlotte has wavy hair (type 2) and many of her friends have curly hair (types 3 and 4).

What is your hair type?

Hair types

wp_ss_20151111_0002A great way to discover your hair type is by washing your hair and then examining your strands before adding styling products.

Angeline has 4A/B hair and she love's it!

Angeline has 4A/B hair and she love’s it!

Whatever your hair type may be, just know that you are, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.