Reception/Year – 1 Lesson Plan – My Hair Curls

 This lesson plan was create by Nicola Thompson: Nov 2015.

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Lesson Plan – My Hair Curls




Intended Year Group


Reception/Year 1



Subject and Cross Curricular Links


–          Share opinions on things that matter & explain personal views

–          Recognise, name & deal with feelings in a positive way



–          Read & recall key information correctly



–            Convey/represent thoughts & feelings using images & colours



Learning Intention

& Steps to Success


Learning Intention Activity:


Explore & discuss the texture, colour & personal feeling/s towards one’s hair.



Steps to Success:


1.     Can you describe the colour & texture of your hair?


2.     Can you talk about your feelings towards your hair with someone else?



Year Group Emphases and Benchmarks:




–          Explore the texture & colour of our hair

–          Explore & share personal feelings towards the colour & texture of one’s hair





Can the children identify & describe the colour & texture of their hair?


Can the children identify & describe the colour & texture of someone else’s hair?


Can the children talk about their feelings towards their hair with someone else?







Differentiation by outcome. The children will be working in pairs or small mixed ability groups.


Time Teachers Role Pupils Role Resources

30 minutes


Introduce the activity and go through the success criteria.


Assess & challenge the children by asking a selection of questions based on the emphasis of the lesson.


Working in pairs or small mixed ability groups – the children describe the colour & texture of their hair along with explaining their feeling/s towards it.

–          Story book – My Hair Curls

–          Recording worksheets

–          Hand held Mirror

–          Success criteria

Key Vocabulary

Hair, curls, self-image, self esteem,

Breakdown of Activities

Start the session off by telling the children that today we will be talking about a very important aspect of our self-image – our hair. What is self-image? Take feedback and correct any areas of misconception.


  1. When you think about yourself what words come to mind? If you were to describe your facial features to someone unable to see, what would you say? What words would you use? Using a small hand held mirror the children examine their own face and share their thoughts and feelings with a partner.


  1. Introduce the story and explain that our hair helps to form our identity. Discuss the cover and read the story ‘My Hair Curls’ emphasising the words used to describe the colour, texture and feelings towards one’s hair.


  1. Using a small hand held mirror, the children reflect on their own hair in light of the story ‘My Hair Curls’. What words would you use to describe the colour, texture & your personal feeling/s towards your hair?


Challenge/ Extension Speaking and Listening
The children may complete one of the following activities:


1.     My Hair and Me worksheet – the children may draw a self-portrait emphasising their hair.


2.     The children may complete an identify map worksheet


This is a mixed ability/ collaborative task. The children will need to constantly communicate & work together in order to be successful.
Plenary Ideas for follow up lessons:

In light of the story the children share their positive thoughts and feelings about their hair with a partner.


Literacy – The children may write sentences expressing their personal thoughts and feelings towards their hair.


Art – The children may create a 3D portrait emphasising their hair. The chn may use things like wool to create their hair.