Reading and Signing at Warstones Primary School

GetAttachment 2I have had an amazing day.

The weather was cold outside but the sun was shining on the happy faces at Warstones Primary School.


I arrived at 9:25 to be handed a itinerary which began with Year 1. At 9:30. I walked into the classroom and was greeted by the most delightful set of children who listened intently as I read ‘My Hair Curls’. They engaged with the activities, one of which required them to locate the butterfly on each page. They were able to answer the questions I asked and enthusiastically discussed the colour, length and texture of their hair.

wp_ss_20151123_0004At 10:10 I met Year 2 who were equally delightful. Similarly, they displayed good listening skills and joined in with the activities. In addition they asked me questions. Unprovoked, they declared what they liked about ‘My Hair Curls’  and asked about my up and coming book/s…

Angeline has 4A/B hair and she love's it!

Finally at 10:40 I met the Reception classes.

Please excuse the repartition but; DELIGHTFUL!!!

Words can not express the joy they gave me as they too discussed their hair. I especially liked their explosive vote of thanks.

Thank you Warstones Primary School for your warm welcome. I hope to see you again soon!


I’ll post the pictures soon!