My first newspaper article – Sheryl’s Hair Curls…

The Phoenix Newspaper – October 2015

Sheryl’s Hair Curls &

She Loves It!

By Chantelle Gillespie

Sheryl with newspaperSheryl Richards is a proud wife and a mother of two. Not only is she a secondary school Pastoral Assistant, an avid saxophonist and an experienced hairdresser, but she is also a fantastic children’s author.

Sheryl’s heart for celebrating cultural diversity is portrayed through her gift of writing. My Hair Curls is not your typical run of the mill children’s story book, this short tale has been ingeniously written to create a sense of pride in the reader as Angeline, the protagonist, expresses her love for her natural hair.

This is a much needed educational and parental tool for the African Caribbean community due to the fact that it light-heartedly inspires children as young as the age of 1 to celebrate what God has blessed them with.

“I started writing in 2011, after the birth of my first child,” explains Richards. “I was inspired by thoughts of my own childhood. My Hair Curls encourages children to explore the colour, length, and texture of their hair.”Front Cover Pic

Well done Sheryl, we hope that this will be the first of many more books to come.

My Hair Curls will be available to purchase from 28th January 2016. For more information please visit