My children’s books promote and celebrates diversity.
They allow readers aged 1+ to develop their

emotional intellect and self-worth.



Bye bye 2020
The Choi Family Talk about Hair with My Hair Curls

My Hair Curls and I Love it. It’s hair washing day in the Choi Family house and they are using…

Behind The Beauty

Instagram live with @j.nissi_hair.   Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Yvonne on her Instagram blog ‘Behind the…

Celebrating World Afro Day 2020

Today is World Afro Day and I was invited to celebrate it (via zoom) with the children at King Solomon…

What’s Going On?

My Why & What Next “I never planned on becoming an author. Nevertheless, I feel it is something that I…

My Hair Curls Works

“My hair curls and I love it!” Unfortunately, this statement is untrue for a number of individuals with curly hair….